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Volume XX                                                                                                                                             Number 39

27 May / 9 June 2019


The Sunday of the 318 God-bearing Fathers of the Council of Nicæa





7th SUNDAY OF PASCHA: Holy Fathers

Saturday, 8 June (26 May, o.s.)

       6:00 PM    Vigil Service;


Sunday, 9 June (27 May, o.s.)

       9:10 AM    Third and Sixth Hours

       9:30 AM    Divine Liturgy;

                        Coffee Hour

      12:30 PM    Parish Council Meeting


Trinity Saturday: Commemoration of the Departed

Friday, 14 June (1 June, o.s.)

       6:00 PM    Ninth Hour, Vespers

       6:45 PM    General Pannykhida



Saturday, 15 June (2 June, o.s.)

       6:00 PM    Vigil Service;


Sunday, 16 June (3 June, o.s.)

       8:40 AM    Third and Sixth Hours

       9:00 AM    Divine Liturgy

      11:00 PM    Kneeling Vespers

                        Coffee Hour





Week of 9 June

Day of Week


Commemoration and

Type of Fast


12 June

(30 May, o.s.)

St Isaac of Constantinople

Fast: wine & oil permitted


14 June

(1 June, o.s.)

St Justin the Philosopher

Fast: wine & oil permitted






Week of 9 June



7th Sunday of Pascha: Fathers of the 1st Council

Vespers Paramia: (1) Genesis 14:14-20 •

(2) Deuteronomy 1:8-11, 15-17 • (3) Deuteronomy 10:14-21

10th Resurrectional Matins Gospel: John §66 (21:1-14)

Acts §44 (20:16-18a, 28-36)

John §56 (17:1-13)


Acts §45 (21:8-14)

John §49 (14:27b-15:7)


Acts §46 (21:26-32)

John §53 (16:2b-13a)


Acts §47 (23:1-11)

John §54 (16:15-23)


Acts §48 (25:13-19)

John §55 (16:23b-33a)


Acts §50 (27:1-44)

John §57 (17:18-26)


Trinity Saturday: Saturday of Souls

Acts §51 (28:1-31)

John §67 (21:15-25)

1 Thess. §270 (4:13-17)

John §16 (5:24-30)

Pentecost Sunday — Trinity Sunday


Vespers Paramia: (1) Numbers 11:16-17, 24-29 •

(2) Joel 2:23-32 • (3) Ezekiel 36:24-28

Matins Gospel: John §65 (20:19-23)

Acts §3 (2:1-11)

John §27 (7:37-52; 8:12)




During the ten days from Ascension Day through the Saturday before Pentecost, the introductory prayers Glory to Thee, our God. Glory to Thee! and O heavenly King... are said neither in the liturgical services nor in prayers at home. Although during the forty days of Pascha, these prayers were replaced by the triple repetition of the paschal troparion, during the post-festal period of the Ascension, Glory to Thee… and O heavenly King... are not replaced by any other prayer or troparion. The omission of the beautiful prayer to the Holy Spirit should awaken within us a longing for and expectation of the coming of the Comforter at the Feast of Pentecost when we resume saying this prayer.

The Feast of the Ascension is celebrated for nine days, from last Thursday through the Apodosis (Leave-taking) of the Feast this Friday. The troparion and kontakion of Ascension are chanted or read at all the services of the Church during this period. It is most appropriate that we add the troparion and kontakion of the Feast to our morning and evening prayers at home also. They can be found in the Jordanville Prayer Book.

The fast days this week are Wednesday and Friday. Wine and oil are permitted on both days because of the Paschal season

This coming Saturday the Soul Saturday next in importance to Meatfare Saturday. Ninth Hour and Vespers will be served at 6 o’clock on Friday evening, with a General Pannykhida (Memorial Service) following immediately afterwards. There will be no Liturgy on Saturday morning this year. The names of the Departed in all the Commemoration Books kept at the church will be commemorated at these services. If you need to update your books, please take this opportunity to do so.

Only the names of Orthodox Christians are permitted to be commemorated at Memorial Services and at the Proskomedia. If you have included Non-Orthodox in your Commemoration Book or Commemoration Lists, please clearly indicate which persons named, if any, are Non-Orthodox.

If anyone can make a donation of kolyva (sweetened boiled wheat) for the Saturday of Souls, please let Father know.

Our Parish needs donations for greens and flowers to adorn the church for the Great Feast of Pentecost. If you would like to make a donation for this, please put it in the church collection basket and mark it ‘Flowers’. You may include a Commemoration List with your donation.

A Special Collection for Holy Trinity Monastery will be taken at the services for Pentecost (Trinity Sunday) at the direction of Metropolitan Hilarion. The financial needs of the Monastery are great. Please give generously.

The Feast of Pentecost occurs on the fiftieth day after the Lord’s Resurrection, the eighth Sunday of Pascha. This day was celebrated as a Great Holy Day in the Old Testament as a commemoration of the giving of the Law to the Prophet Moses on Mount Sinai. On this day the Holy Spirit descended upon the Apostles in the form of fiery tongues in the upper room in Jerusalem where they prayed, and they were powerfully and miraculously able to communicate the Gospel to the multitudes of people present in Jerusalem for the Feast. Because the Holy Spirit, the Third Person of the Blessed Trinity, was publicly manifested of on the Feast of Pentecost, Orthodox Christians often refer to this day as ‘Trinity Sunday.’ Pentecost is one of the days on which Baptisms were performed by Christians in ancient times and is certainly one of the most important of the Twelve Great Feasts of the Church.

The Hours and the Holy Liturgy will be served a half hour early next Sunday morning. As in previous years, we begin the services early on Pentecost to make it easier for people to remain for Kneeling Vespers on that day.

The Service of Kneeling Vespers will be served immediately following the dismissal of the Divine Liturgy of Pentecost. The beautiful prayers, which are read at this service as all kneel, are a highlight of the Feast. They glorify God recounting His loving providence and love for mankind, implore Him to forgive our sins both voluntary and involuntary, beseech His blessings for us in the coming year, and intercede for our brothers and sisters who have departed this life in Faith and hope of the resurrection. All the faithful should be present in church for these important prayers. Please plan ahead to allow extra time for your attendance at church services next Sunday morning.



The Summer Youth Program at Holy Trinity Monastery was established to expose our young men to the rich spiritual heritage and legacy of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad. Its objectives are to nurture the development of the young men in the areas of spiritual discipline, steadfastness and sobriety through a structured program of participation in the monastic community. The dates for the 2018 Program are Sunday, 24 June to Saturday, 14 July. The age range for participants is 15 to 18 years old. During this three-week period the young men will attend and participate in the daily cycle of services and are expected to partake of the Mysteries of Holy Confession and Communion once a week. While attending meals in the monastery refectory they will listen to the daily readings of the lives of saints. There will be spiritual instruction in the Law of God on a daily basis and the young men will work alongside the monastics in their various daily obediences: tending the monastery's cemetery, working in the vegetable garden, caring for the chickens, cooking for the brotherhood, helping with various construction and repair projects, etc. They will also have the opportunity to enjoy summer recreational activities such as sports, swimming, hiking, fishing, campfires, and field trips. For more detailed information on the Program please visit:

St Seraphim’s Orthodox Summer Camp, will have its 27th annual camp during the week of 4 – 11 August 2019. The camp, located in Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains, is open to children from the third grade until 18 years old. The camp was begun with the blessing and encouragement of Metropolitan Laurus of blessed memory and continues to be one of the major activities for youth in the Russian Church Abroad. Children attend from all over America, Canada and other countries. Each day is filled with activities. The day begins with Morning Prayers and The Law of God. A number of clergy (including our own Fr David and Fr Dcn Stephanos) volunteer their week to be with the children and make themselves available for spiritual needs. Each day sees a wide variety of sporting activities, arts and crafts, hiking, swimming and water sports. The evenings are filled with activities and bonfires. Lastly, Evening Prayers are said together. Abundant adult supervision is drawn from parents and church representatives. The cost of the camp is $400. Registration deadline for Early Bird Discount is 15 July. A camper discount of 25% is applied for all siblings after the first two. All information is to be found on the camp website. Registration is available only online at . If you have questions, please email



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