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Volume XX                                                                                                                                              Number 14

3 / 16 December 2018


Commemoration of the Holy Prophet Zephaniah (Sophonias)





29TH SUNDAY after PENTECOST (Tone 4)

Holy Prophet Zephaniah

Saturday, 15 December (2 December, o.s.)

       6:00 PM    Vigil Service;


Sunday, 16 December (3 December, o.s.)

       9:10 AM    Third and Sixth Hours

       9:30 AM    Divine Liturgy;

                        Coffee Hour

      12:30 PM    Holy Trinity Seminary Presentation



Tuesday, 18 December (5 December, o.s.)

       6:00 PM    Vigil Service;


Wednesday, 19 December (6 December, o.s.)

       9:10 AM    Third and Sixth Hours

       9:30 AM    Divine Liturgy;

                        Coffee Hour

      11:30 PM    St Elizabeth Convent Presentation


Conception of the Most Holy Theotokos by St Anna

Saturday, 22 December (9 December, o.s.)

      11:00 AM   Baptism of Ignatius Fiocca


30TH SUNDAY after PENTECOST (Tone 5)

Martyrs Menas, Hermogenes, & Eugraphus

Saturday, 22 December (9 December, o.s.)

       6:00 PM    Vigil Service;


Sunday, 23 December (10 December, o.s.)

       9:10 AM    Third and Sixth Hours

       9:30 AM    Divine Liturgy;

                        Coffee Hour

      12:30 PM    Adult Study







Week of 16 December

Day of Week


Commemoration and

Type of Fast


16 December

(3 Dec, o.s.)

Prophet Zephaniah

Fast: fish, wine, & oil permitted


17 December

(4 Dec, o.s.)

GM Barbara; St John Damascene

Fast: wine, & oil permitted


18 December

(5 Dec, o.s.)

St Sabbas the Sanctified

Fast: fish, wine, & oil permitted


19 December

(6 Dec, o.s.)


Fast: fish, wine, & oil permitted


20 December

(7 Dec, o.s.)

St Ambrose of Milan

Fast: wine, & oil permitted


21 December

(8 Dec, o.s.)

St Patapius of Thebes

Normal Fast Day (No oil)


22 December

(9 Dec, o.s.)

Conception of the Theotokos

Fast: fish, wine, & oil permitted


23 December

(10 Dec, o.s.)

Martyr Menas & Companions

Fast: fish, wine, & oil permitted




Week of 16 December

29th Sunday after Pentecost

7th Resurrectional Matins Gospel: John §63 (20:1-10)

1 Tim. §280a (1:15-17)

Luke §91 (18:18-27)



Heb. §319 (8:7-13)

Mark §33 (8:11-21)


Heb. §321 (9:8-10, 15-23)

Mark §34 (8:22-26)



Vespers Paramia: (1) Proverbs 10:7, 6; 3:13-16; 8:6, 32, 34, 4, 12, 14 17, 5-9; 1:23 •  (2) Proverbs 10:31-11:12 •

(3) Wisdom 4: 7-15

Matins Gospel: John §36 (10:9-16)

Heb.  §335 (13:17-21)

Luke §24 (6:17-23a)


Heb. §323 (10:1-18)

Mark §36 (8:30-34)


Heb. §326 (10:35-11:7)

Mark §39 (9:10-16)


Heb. §327 (11:8, 11-16)

Mark §41 (9:33-41)


Eph. §228 (5:1-8)

Luke §74 (14:1-11)


30th Sunday after Pentecost

8th Resurrectional Matins Gospel: John §64 (20:11-18)

Col. §258 (3:12-16)

Luke §85 (17:12-19)




We are in the midst of the Nativity Fast, which began on 28 November (n.s.) and continues for forty days until the Feast of the Nativity of the Lord on 7 January (n.s). We eat no animal products (meat, meat products, eggs, and dairy products) throughout the forty days. The general rules for this period are as follows: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays are normal fast days; on Tuesdays and Thursdays, wine and oil are permitted; and on Saturdays and Sundays we may eat fish, wine, and oil. But since greater Saints' Days frequently brings a further mitigation of the fast from the general rules, it is important to consult an annual Orthodox calendar to find the correct fasting regimen for a particular weekday.

A special collection for St Herman’s Youth Conference will be taken at St Elizabeth’s during the Sundays of December. Your donations help the St Herman’s Executive Committee keep the fees for the attendees very low. This is important so that as many Youth as possible can attend the Youth Conference at the end of this month. Please give generously.

The Parish needs donations for flowers for the Feast of the Nativity of the Lord. Please mark flower donations clearly. You may include a Commemoration List with your donation and the names will be commemorated at the Proskomedia on the Holy Days.

Three Instructors and three Seminarians from Holy Trinity Seminary in Jordanville, New York, have joined us this weekend for the Vigil Service, the Divine Liturgy, and trapeza. Today during the meal, the Seminarians and Instructors will speak about the current state of Holy Trinity Seminary and one of the Instructors, Fr Deacon Andrei Psarev, will offer a presentation.

Many thanks to Masha Lichtenstein and Irina Plotnikova for volunteering to provide beds for the night for the visiting Jordanville Instructors and Seminarians on Saturday, 15 December 2018. May the Lord bless Masha and Irina!

Our former parishioner, Archimandrite Joasaph McLellan, the Head of the Russian Ecclesiastical Mission in the Holy Land, fell asleep in the Lord on the Feast of St Sava the Sanctified, 18 December 2009. Another former parishioner, Serge Kropov, who served our Country in the United States Marines, was killed in Afghanistan two days later on 20 December 2009. We also remember Thomas Hancorn who departed this life on 22 December 2013. We will have a Litya for the Departed to pray for the repose the three of these men just prior to the Vigil Service for St Nicholas at about 5:45 pm on 18 December.

Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker of Myra in Lycia is among the most beloved of Saints by Orthodox Christians, regardless of their nationality. St Nicholas is always one of the most popular Patron Saints for both Orthodox churches and boys. St Nicholas has two feast days: his main feast day on 6 / 19 December, universally observed by Orthodox Christians, and the Translation of the Relics of St Nicholas from Myra to Bari on 9 / 22 May, particularly beloved by Russian Orthodox Christians. (There is also a Feast of the Nativity of St Nicholas on 29 July / 11 August, but this is little known.) St Nicholas is known for his love and care for the poor. He defended the oppressed and those wrongly accused before the rich and powerful. St Nicholas was a champion of the Orthodox Faith against the heresy of Arius at and after the First Ecumenical Council.  Because of his love for children, St Nicholas is considered the Patron Saint of the young. Because of his manifest intercessors for those in danger at sea, he is the Patron Saint of sailors and fishermen. He is venerated as the Patron Saint of many lands, including Greece, Russia, Italy, Germany Austria, Switzerland, and Belgium, and hundreds of cities and towns the world over.

We will have a full schedule of services for St Nicholas’ Day. The Vigil Service will be served on the eve of the Feast (18 December) at 6 o’clock and the Divine Liturgy on the morning of the Feast (19 December) at 9:30. Please bring your children to the services for the Feast of St Nicholas. As we know, St Nicholas had a great fondness for children, and he is often thought of as the ‘Patron Saint’ of little ones.

The Parish gives gift bags in the name of St Nicholas to the children who attend services for the Feast of St Nicholas (December 18th & 19th,). If you would like to participate in this worthy effort, we ask you to give a small monetary donation so that Lenten candy and snacks can be purchased to be put in these bags. Please mark your donation ‘St Nicholas Bags.’

A Sister from St Elizabeth’s Convent in Minsk, Belarus will be visiting us for the Feast of St Nicholas the Wonderworker on 18 and 19 December 2018. We have had  Sisters visit us a few times in the past and it is always edifying. We hope that Sister will speak to the assembled children at the end of the Liturgy and give a little talk to all at trapeza following the Liturgy. The Sisters bring devotional items and handicrafts with them on their parish visits, so there will be an opportunity to buy some Christmas gifts as well.

We still need a volunteer to pick up the Sister from Belarus at the train station in Princeton Junction on December 18th and bring her to St Elizabeth’s for the Vigil Service, If you can pick up Sister, please let Fr David know.

Many thanks to the Darenkov for providing a bed for the night of 18 December 2018 for the Sister from Belarus. May the Lord bless the Darenkovs!

Ignatius Fiocca will be baptised, Lord willing, on Saturday, 22 December 2018 at 11:00 a.m. at St Elizabeth’s. All our parishioners are invited to witness the Baptism

Because of the great number of communicants at our parish, especially during the Lenten Seasons, the number of parishioners needing to go to Confession at St Elizabeth’s Church is usually quite high. Having only one priest, who must serve in the altar as well as hear all the Confessions, presents practical difficulties in applying the usual rule of the Russian Church insisting on Confession before every Communion. The only workable solution seems to be applying the exceptional practice of Holy Week to the rest of the year. For those who desire it, or for those whom a Spiritual Father recommends or requires it, Confession before every Communion will certainly be provided. But for those who are able to able to lead a disciplined spiritual life, abstaining from serious sin, and fulfilling the other preparations for Holy Communion, a more relaxed rule is in order. Confession before the Liturgy of one weekend will suffice for all the Liturgies for the next two weeks, so that regular communicants will only be have to go to Confession every other weekend. There may also be some cases when a Spiritual Father has allowed, in certain individual cases, for an even more relaxed rule on Confession before Holy Communion, so it is important for us to abstain from judging others regarding the frequency of their Confessions before Holy Communion.

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Upcoming Services
Tuesday, 5 / 18 December
St Sabbas the Sanctified
6:00 Vigil Service; Confessions
Wednesday, 6 / 19 December
9:10 3rd & 6th Hours
9:30 Divine Liturgy; coffee hour
12:00 Presntation by St Elizabeth's Convent
Saturday, 9 / 22 December
Conception of the Theotokos
11:00 Baptism of Ignatius Fiocca
6:00 Vigil Service; Confessions
Sunday, 10 / 23 December
9:10 3rd & 6th Hours
9:30 Divine Liturgy; coffee hour
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