Saint Elizabeth the New Martyr Orthodox Church
Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia
Rocky Hill, New Jersey
Welcome to Our Parish

The Orthodox Church of Saint Elizabeth the New-Martyr serves Orthodox Christians in Central New Jersey. It is a Mission Parish of the Diocese of Eastern America and New York of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia.

Founded in 1998 in Somerville, New Jersey, our Mission Parish acquired its own church building in 2004 in the Princeton area at 38 Princeton Avenue, Rocky Hill. After being in that historic church building for four years, we had extensive renovations done to our church building which took four months - from late May through the beginning of October 2008. The inside of the church is now more beautiful than ever. We have enlarged the altar area, had a proper iconastasis built, improved our choir loft, and put in in a new ceiling, refinished the floors, and installed new lighting, ventilation, and airconditioning systems.

Should you want more information about St Elizabeth's Church, you may call our priest, Fr David Straut, at (908) 203-1252.

Attendance at Services During the Covid-19 Crisis
Current Policy Concerning Attendance at Services at St Elizabeth's During the Covid-19 Crisis

At the direction of His Eminence, Metropolitan Hilarion, St Elizabeth’s Church is observing the restrictions of the civil authority which currently require us to have a gathering of no more the 25% of our normal capacity (up to 50 persons), which we conservatively estimate at this time to be twenty (20) persons. These people must be able to space themselves six (6) feet apart. Parishioners are asked to takes turns attending the services offered in church. Those unable to go to church are asked to pray at home.

INDOORS LIMITED TO 25% OF CAPACITY TO A MAXIMUM OF 50 PEOPLE: Lacking an objective measure of our capacity, the Parish Council has decided that 20 individuals in attendance is a good place to start and see how this works. The 20 includes 3 in the altar and 3 in the choir, allowing for 14 parishioners. Social distancing is still required, so the people inside the Church must be mindful to comply with social distancing – which remains at 6 feet.  (Please note, we do not mean 14 families… we mean 14 individuals, including children.) Masks are respectfully encouraged – if you don’t wear one for your own protection, please wear one for the protection of others.

OUTDOOR ATTENDEES: Meanwhile, since an unlimited number of people can be outside for the services according to the civil authority, we are looking into having simultaneous transmission of the service inside to a flat screen in the pavilion. A parishioner is giving a 50” flat screen to the parish, and another parishioner is letting us use a camcorder, so we are hoping we can expand attendance to accommodate parishioners watching the services outside. Please note we have not yet tested this, so we ask your patience while we gather the necessary equipment and get more information. It will be available soon. If video is not available immediately, we hope to have a back-up solution in place, but it will likely be audio only.  

HOW TO SIGN-UP: The Parish Council has looked at a software tool used by many churches called ‘Sign-Up Genius’. With this tool we are able to fix capacity at 20 for inside the church, so the first 20 who register using the tool will be permitted inside (we can adjust the capacity as needed). All others are welcome to participate from the pavilion.  The link for the St Elizabeth’s Sign-Up Genius page is:

NAMEDAYS, BIRTHDAYS, and OTHER SPECIAL DAYS: When someone has their Nameday, Birthday, Anniversary, or some other commemorative event, we ask that other parishioners allow that family to be inside the church that weekend. While we don’t all know everyone’s commemorative events, if a family has an event and has not been able to sign-up for inside attendance, we hope some inside family will be willing to trade places with the family observing a special day 

HONOR SYSTEM: We ask that all families respect that they likely won’t be able to get into the church every week. If a family has been inside recently, please allow a few weeks before you try to register to be inside the church again. Singles/couples might be able to get inside more often if the total registered is only 18 or 19. Also, if you sign-up, and something changes, please remove your name as soon as possible so someone else can take your position(s).

The Parish Council of the Orthodox Church of St Elizabeth the New Martyr, Rocky Hill, New Jersey

Parish News

Upcoming Services
Saturday, 28 June / 11 July
Ss Sergius & Herman of Valaam
6:00 Vigil Service; Confessions
Sunday, 29 June / 12 July
9:10 3rd & 6th Hours
9:30 Divine Liturgy
Friday, 4 / 17 July
Royal Martyrs of Russia
6:00 Vigil Service; Confessions
Saturday, 5 / 18 July
9:10 3rd & 6th Hours
9:30 Divine Liturgy
6:00 Vigil Service; Confessions
St. Elizabeth the New-Martyr Orthodox Church
38 Princeton Ave; Rocky Hill, NJ 08553
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The Morning Offering
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