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The Sunday Octoechos
The Sunday Octoechos



Translated from the Church Slavonic


The Reader Isaac E. Lambertsen

The Service Texts of the Sunday Octoechos

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Note: These files are designed to give the worshipper the text of the service that is being sung in church so that he or she may attentively follow the service in church, or read it at home when it is not possible to get to church. These texts may not be further reproduced, beyond printing out a single copy for personal non-commercial use. 

Those who use these services are urged, whenever possible, to purchase the published work from which this work was compiled. The great effort needed to translate, edit, and print English language translations of the rich liturgical heritage of the Orthodox Church, not to mention the sacrificial financial investment in producing these volumes, ought to be supported by Orthodox parishes, clergy, and faithful by their purchase of these books from their publisher.

The texts of the Octoechos are from The Octoechos: The Hymns of the Cycle of the Eight Tones for Sundays and Weekdays, translated from the Church Slavonic by the Reader Isaac Lambertsen, and published in 4 volumes by the St John of Kronstadt Press in 1999-2000.

Please note that the above work uses the translation the psalms in The Psalter According to the Seventy, © Copyright Holy Transfiguration Monastery, Brookline, Massachusetts, used by permission. All rights reserved. This work may not be further reproduced, beyond printing out a single copy for personal non-commercial use, without the prior written authorization of Holy Transfiguration Monastery.

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Saturday, 13 / 26 October
'Iveron' Icon of the Theotokos
6:00 Vigil Service; Confessions
Sunday, 14 / 27 October
9:10 3rd & 6th Hours
9:30 Divine Liturgy; coffee hour
Thursday, 18 / 31 October
Apostle & Evangelist Luke
6:00 Vigil Service; Confessions
Friday, 19 October / 1 November
St John of Kronstadt
9:10 3rd & 6th Hours
9:30 Divine Liturgy
St. Elizabeth the New-Martyr Orthodox Church
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The Morning Offering
The Morning Offering
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